Profine Nations Cup

Profine Nations Cup 2023

August 18-20 2023

International working test team event for European Retriever Teams.

The competition

Profine Nations Cup is a three day team competition arranged as a working test according to FCI rules. Each country is guaranteed spots for two national teams. But free teams are welcome to enter now. In case the number of free teams exceeds the available places, there will be a draw between them.

The Judges

A very competent team of European judges have agreed to judge all three days. Click here to see the list and their testimonials.

The site of events

As in 2019 and 2021 the sit of events is the area sorrounding Brahetrolleborg and the big gamefair there. The BTGF (Brahetrolleborg Game Fair) has grown significantly each time. Click to go to the homepage for the Brahetrolleborg Game Fair and see more.

Register your team here

Deadline for entering both national teams and free teams is July 7th. Payment must be made in two steps. The first step being the team fee - active now - and the second being for additional dinner and lunch tickets (we are working on that!). Click to register your team.

The Program

Profine Nations Cup starts on Thursday the 17th with a welcoming gathering. Link to map over the entire game fair area, including the parking area for cars with dogs and the meeting point for Thursdag. CLICK HERE.

Our Sponsor

Like the other two times, Petland will be sponsors with generous prizes and contribution to make this event an even bigger success than before.